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"Defense attorneys in the Aurora movie theater shooting case suggest in a new court filing that the case’s judge has shown favoritism to the prosecution through the information he has released to the public.

In a motion filed Friday but not made public until Tuesday, defense attorneys asked for more input on the information that Judge Carlos Samour redacts from court orders or that he leaves unredacted. They suggest that Samour’s redactions have caused information favorable to the prosecution to be released to the public, while information favorable to the defense has been redacted.

"The Court’s current practices regarding redactions are not effective or fair," the defense motion argues.”

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The judge in the Aurora theater shooting case has ordered a new psychiatric exam for the gunman, finding that the first one was “incomplete and inadequate.”

In an order issued Wednesday, Arapahoe County District Court Judge Carlos Samour wrote that the new exam should be performed by independent doctors appointed by the state. Samour rejected a request from the prosecution that the new exam be performed by experts hired by the prosecution.

The new exam will look at only one factor, Samour wrote: Whether James Holmes was sane the night he killed 12 people and wounded dozens more inside the Century Aurora 16 movie theater. Samour said the new exam should not look at whether Holmes is currently mentally well enough to stand trial nor whether Holmes is mentally well enough to be executed.

The order is expected to further delay the trial, which had been scheduled for this month but was delayed when prosecutors requested the new exam.

Read more: Judge orders new psychiatric exam for James Holmes - The Denver Post 


If jurors eventually decide Holmes was insane, he would be acquitted of the crimes and committed indefinitely to the state hospital. If they decide he was sane, he could be convicted and sentenced either to be executed or spend life in prison without parole.


Here’s the jest of what took place in the first open court hearing for the Aurora Movie Theater shooting case, in 2014.

  1. James Holmes walks into court today, looks over at his father and smiles at him before taking his seat the defense table.
  2. New defense attorney joins the defense team, name:…


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BIG News: The defense are going ask for the US Supreme Court to review NY’s decision.


Sounds like todays hearing has concluded for the day.  Judge Samour says it will still be some time before he rules on whether or not to OK the second exam for James by the Prosecutions examiners.  Also, there was some talk of Ms. Winters.  See below what was said:


Mills testified that the majority of the bullet holes inside of the theater came from James semi automatic rifle.  I assume he is talking about the AR15.


Attorney Katherine Spengler, who is new to the defense team and previously defended Jessica Ridgeway’s killer, Austin Sigg, pointed out in two photos that some trajectories appeared to point at the ceiling. Mills said it’s possible that a bullet struck something else before changing course.

Investigators describe bullet holes in Aurora movie theater during Friday testimony - The Denver Post


A bit about new James Holmes Defense team member Katherine Spengler of Colorado.

It was reported today at the first public hearing of 2014 that she has joined the Holmes defense team and has previously defended Austin Sigg.



"FBI forensic examiners has testified that there were 238 bullet holes or marks in theater after shooting."

"Based on trajectory analysis of the bullet holes, most shots appeared to come from near front exit of the theater to the right of the screen."

"The Century 16 theater shooting was so complex, analysts used lasers to plot most trajectories and measured angles by computer."

"So that the lasers would show up when taking pictures, crime scene analysts used a fog machine to pump the theater full of smoke."

via John Ingold 1/31/2014

"Mills also conceded that his analysis cannot determine how many shots were fired during the attack, since one bullet can cause multiple holes. At a previous hearing, a detective testified that investigators found 76 shell casings."

Investigators to describe analysis of Aurora theater shooting scene 

So it seems there were 238 marks all together (including marks from bullet holes, bullet fragments and projectile impact marks) and that 238 isn’t the number of individual shots fired.

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Ohhhh, okay.  I get it.  

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